Jim Ravan for NH

I moved to Nashua in 1980. I can remember leaving my apartment at Forest Ridge, now Hilltop, at Exit 7, stopping at one light at what is now the “Five Guys Mall”, and not hitting another light until I had to turn right at Pennichuck Square to go to work. I moved away in 2013 to live in Lowell with my new bride. But I retired in 2020 and my wife and I moved back to Nashua.

Yes, I loved living here so much I came back. Those of you who remember “Nashua Pride” understand. This city was voted the best place to live in America. For any city in the country, that would be quite an accomplishment. But we received that honor not once, but twice! And we’re still winning awards and accolades. Why?

Because, while Nashua is the second largest city in our state, it still feels like a small town. Kids walk to school, kids can play outside, people walk down the street holding hands, friends jog in groups. But while Nashua is nationally recognized as a great city, for all of us who live here, Nashua is a great community.

And because I love it here and I want to strengthen our community, I’m running for Alderman in Ward 1.

I am a 35 year resident of Nashua. During my career in technology, I acquired extensive management experience leading software teams of various sizes; one spanned the globe. I have also served on Boards of Directors of several nonprofits, including mental health and the arts, focusing on financial management and planning. Since I returned to the city, I have become involved in local politics.

Ward 1 needs a strong voice in the Aldermanic chamber. I can be that voice. And in the true meaning of public service, I want to be that voice. That is why I am asking you for your vote of confidence on November 7th.